Finn minta means Finnish model

A Hungarian company promoting innovative education practices, edtech products and study opportunities from Finland.

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Lifelong learning ~ Equal opportunities ~ Educational innovation

At Finn minta we are not only educational consultants, but socially aware entrepreneurs, constantly seeking to aid the development of the Hungarian education: by introducing the Finnish education system; its values, methodologies and teaching practices.

Our team

Our passion is education, and we see Finland as our second home. The ongoing development of new Finnish education system is considered as an example, we want to introduce at home with the basic values and innovative practices. Through our study and extensive experience, we know the Finnish people and culture and have a great network of contacts in Finland.


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Why Hungary?

According to recent statistics, the Hungarian education system is going to collapse in a couple of years if there aren’t any reforms introduced and if the number of teachers will not increase. Hungary is turning down its students, teachers and the society in general, not preparing our generations for the future with education. Due to the unpopularity of the Hungarian higher education combined with the impact of the current political environment of Hungary, more and more young people decide to continue their studies abroad.

Our Partners

What we provide for the Hungarian audience

For Teachers – Lifelong learning

We organise free webinars in the topics of education. We aim to highlight the key methodologies, tools and technology used by teachers and lecturers in Finland.

– training programmes
– professional development packages in cooperation with ECF

For Students – Study in Finland

We run webinars promoting Finnish higher education institutions. We also advise students and applicants of all levels on the following

– choosing the right degree programme
– application process, criteria
– graduate employability

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